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i just came from outside, its about 10:30 at night right now. i was with my parents, cause i have no social life whatsoever, but it was really cool, cause my mom is now taking an astronomy course and she was pointing out all the stars and stuff, cause the reason im doing this entry, is because outside right now if beautiful, we turned off all the lights in our house, and we sat outside on the deck, and all we saw were stars.

i saw seven shooting stars, and i made a wish for everyone of them.

my mom pointed out jupiter to me and telling me all these facts like when a star is blue, its young, when a star is yellow, its middle-aged and when a star is red, its old. i never knew that astronomy was so cool, because when i learned about it, i sat at a desk in a school room in the middle of the day, but if you really wanna learn, you need to get outside at night, and just look up, its amazing.

and this was the time where i wanted to be with the person i loved the most, just to show her how cool it is and maybe we would see a shooting star or two...


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this is my first time updating this for about 4 monthes. im actually updating this because im very bored, and its about 5:25 pm on a sunday. so for anyone that even looks at this page anymore :P feel free to read, haha.

yeah, life is ok for me so far, ending my freshman year of dhs in about a month, so yeah, woohoo for me.

im still with ms natalooo, and that is a plus :] and were dooooing pretty well, going onto our...*thinks* 6 month if you count our "togetherness" before we went out, yay!

and summer is coming :] and im going to england, swiss, germany AND france for two weeks altogether, its gonna be fun, but i really wont be able to contact my friends for the whole time, but i guess thats why they made postcards? haha.

yeah, haha, i really dont have much to say :P but you know, thanks for reading, hahaha.

ill probably update in another four monthes :P

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yeahhhhhhh. ummmmmmm

we lost 3-0 against spaulding last night :X

on the brightside, i dressed, and i got to play like 6 shifts :]

now us and spaulding are tied, our records are both 3-1-1.

we play STA next monday...

anyway, natalie came over and she beat me in halo :O then we watched monk like we usually do, and i finally asked her out :] (she said yes) so woooooohooooo.

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alright, lets look back in the year of 2005. here are some quotes you may enjoy

this was back in may 5th, 2005
18. How would you describe me to someone: ricky is the nicest guy ive ever met, he makes me happier than anyone else i know and will make me happy and listen to me when no one else will. you ever try to take him away from me I BREAKA YOUR KNEES!
-natalie kovalcik

same day
18. How would you describe me to someone: this guy ricky is the best friend anyone could ask for hands down, no questions asked and if you ever hurt him even a little bit, my shoe will collide with your danger zone. get it? got it. good.
-amber french

Onetimer258: i can see myself stealing a penguin
Onetimer258: i'd run out with it in my shirt
im so weird :P

there are very many inside jokes as well, but im not going to get into that.

now im going to mention some stuff about 05 and a little of 04

lets see, in 04, i remet natalie :] because she came to barrington middle school from SMA and that was probably one of the best things that happened (at least for me anyway) i remember the first time i was introduced to amber by natalie too. i remember that me and natalie were talking about the dance, and that i wanted to dance with her, but i guess that it wasnt that simple and i had compitition agianst one of her friends. i found out this girls screen name and imed her saying "rock paper scissors, best of three, winner dances with natalie" :P and thats how me and amber met.

now in 05.
-i turned 14
-me and natalie became best friends
-me and amber became really good friends
-i made the DHS ice hockey team as a freshman which is hard to do and im acually playing in games

ummm, there are so many more memories, but those ones above are really the only ones that stick out.

so woohoo, awsome half year of 2004 and all of 2005. happy new years eve.


PS. im turning 15 in 20 days :]

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well DHS hockey had a tournament this week. here was how we did:

xavarian (dressed) we lost 6-3, but this team is like insane. there from mass and they are division one, i was happy though cause coach let me play four shifts :]

trinity (dressed) this team sucks and they are in division one, haha. this is the team we played our very first game against, i was still trying out when i played them too. we went into the rink thinking we would kick there ass but we underestimated them big time. coach was so mad at us at the end of the first period, he wouldnt even go into the locker room. we won 5-3 but we did horrible, i played too but i didnt do so hot either :X

concord (dressed) our coach believes this team will win the division one state championship, cause these guys are big, strong, and could kick my ass in a second, for instance, i was going to get the puck in the corner and right when it touched my stick, their assistant captain came out of nowhere and nailed me. i was airborn when i hit the boards, haha. we tied 3-3 though and i did ok.

we were 1-1-1 for the tourny. not to shabby for us being division two and playing against division one teams.

yesterday after the hockey game, me and natalie hung out at my house. she gave me my christmas present :] i got two mixed cd's, twizzlers, and a POWER RANGERS SHIRT! haha, its oh so comfy. she also left me a surprise at the bottom of the box, it was a picture of a gnome (for those that dont know, i fear gnomes)it pretty much scared the shit out of me. then i beat her in halo :P and we played donky kong and diddy kong for N 64. that was amusing, haha. then i walked natalie home, stayed at her house a little watching ace ventura pet detective when nature calls. i know that movie by heart, gotta love jim carey. since im also scared of the dark, i didnt want to walk home alone :X so karolyn brought me back.

ummm, yeah. thats it.


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christmas was pretty nice, i got
-two cds
-three dvds
-new skates (got then last month but it was an earlier present
-and i got an alarm clock which is acually pretty nice
on christmas day i spent it going to my grandparents retirement home up in maine, and i releaized, im the only one out of my cousins that is not obsessed with star wars. i mean i walk in seeing like 3 light sabers on the ground, there is a lego starwars space ship sitting on a table, and there playing star wars on an xbox. so pretty much, im not wierd if you compare me to my cousins. beleive it or not.

anyway, we had a snowball fight outside the old peoples home, it was PERFECT snowball snow, but then my cousin quit cause i guess his friend hit him in the eye? whatever, i finally got to see my cousin jeff, for you people that dont know him, he is an IRISH GANGSTER. he thinks he is ghetto, haha. and for a random reason, he started to get all politcal? i do not know why, but we left around 8, and i was wiped out so i went to bed.

today was nice, me and my dad went to go see king kong which was three hours long, but it was soooo good.

now im going to go cause me and trev and james are going to go bolwing 8 )


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im on the starting line up for dhs hockey.

its winter and pond hockey is right around the corner.

i gave my present to natalie and she loved it and i hung out with her.

we have a tounry this week and i should be playing against the best team dhs has ever played.

and doesnt feel like christmas eve at all : /