May 21st, 2006


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this is my first time updating this for about 4 monthes. im actually updating this because im very bored, and its about 5:25 pm on a sunday. so for anyone that even looks at this page anymore :P feel free to read, haha.

yeah, life is ok for me so far, ending my freshman year of dhs in about a month, so yeah, woohoo for me.

im still with ms natalooo, and that is a plus :] and were dooooing pretty well, going onto our...*thinks* 6 month if you count our "togetherness" before we went out, yay!

and summer is coming :] and im going to england, swiss, germany AND france for two weeks altogether, its gonna be fun, but i really wont be able to contact my friends for the whole time, but i guess thats why they made postcards? haha.

yeah, haha, i really dont have much to say :P but you know, thanks for reading, hahaha.

ill probably update in another four monthes :P

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