RiCkY (penguin_man25) wrote,

christmas was pretty nice, i got
-two cds
-three dvds
-new skates (got then last month but it was an earlier present
-and i got an alarm clock which is acually pretty nice
on christmas day i spent it going to my grandparents retirement home up in maine, and i releaized, im the only one out of my cousins that is not obsessed with star wars. i mean i walk in seeing like 3 light sabers on the ground, there is a lego starwars space ship sitting on a table, and there playing star wars on an xbox. so pretty much, im not wierd if you compare me to my cousins. beleive it or not.

anyway, we had a snowball fight outside the old peoples home, it was PERFECT snowball snow, but then my cousin quit cause i guess his friend hit him in the eye? whatever, i finally got to see my cousin jeff, for you people that dont know him, he is an IRISH GANGSTER. he thinks he is ghetto, haha. and for a random reason, he started to get all politcal? i do not know why, but we left around 8, and i was wiped out so i went to bed.

today was nice, me and my dad went to go see king kong which was three hours long, but it was soooo good.

now im going to go cause me and trev and james are going to go bolwing 8 )


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