RiCkY (penguin_man25) wrote,

well DHS hockey had a tournament this week. here was how we did:

xavarian (dressed) we lost 6-3, but this team is like insane. there from mass and they are division one, i was happy though cause coach let me play four shifts :]

trinity (dressed) this team sucks and they are in division one, haha. this is the team we played our very first game against, i was still trying out when i played them too. we went into the rink thinking we would kick there ass but we underestimated them big time. coach was so mad at us at the end of the first period, he wouldnt even go into the locker room. we won 5-3 but we did horrible, i played too but i didnt do so hot either :X

concord (dressed) our coach believes this team will win the division one state championship, cause these guys are big, strong, and could kick my ass in a second, for instance, i was going to get the puck in the corner and right when it touched my stick, their assistant captain came out of nowhere and nailed me. i was airborn when i hit the boards, haha. we tied 3-3 though and i did ok.

we were 1-1-1 for the tourny. not to shabby for us being division two and playing against division one teams.

yesterday after the hockey game, me and natalie hung out at my house. she gave me my christmas present :] i got two mixed cd's, twizzlers, and a POWER RANGERS SHIRT! haha, its oh so comfy. she also left me a surprise at the bottom of the box, it was a picture of a gnome (for those that dont know, i fear gnomes)it pretty much scared the shit out of me. then i beat her in halo :P and we played donky kong and diddy kong for N 64. that was amusing, haha. then i walked natalie home, stayed at her house a little watching ace ventura pet detective when nature calls. i know that movie by heart, gotta love jim carey. since im also scared of the dark, i didnt want to walk home alone :X so karolyn brought me back.

ummm, yeah. thats it.


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