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alright, lets look back in the year of 2005. here are some quotes you may enjoy

this was back in may 5th, 2005
18. How would you describe me to someone: ricky is the nicest guy ive ever met, he makes me happier than anyone else i know and will make me happy and listen to me when no one else will. you ever try to take him away from me I BREAKA YOUR KNEES!
-natalie kovalcik

same day
18. How would you describe me to someone: this guy ricky is the best friend anyone could ask for hands down, no questions asked and if you ever hurt him even a little bit, my shoe will collide with your danger zone. get it? got it. good.
-amber french

Onetimer258: i can see myself stealing a penguin
Onetimer258: i'd run out with it in my shirt
im so weird :P

there are very many inside jokes as well, but im not going to get into that.

now im going to mention some stuff about 05 and a little of 04

lets see, in 04, i remet natalie :] because she came to barrington middle school from SMA and that was probably one of the best things that happened (at least for me anyway) i remember the first time i was introduced to amber by natalie too. i remember that me and natalie were talking about the dance, and that i wanted to dance with her, but i guess that it wasnt that simple and i had compitition agianst one of her friends. i found out this girls screen name and imed her saying "rock paper scissors, best of three, winner dances with natalie" :P and thats how me and amber met.

now in 05.
-i turned 14
-me and natalie became best friends
-me and amber became really good friends
-i made the DHS ice hockey team as a freshman which is hard to do and im acually playing in games

ummm, there are so many more memories, but those ones above are really the only ones that stick out.

so woohoo, awsome half year of 2004 and all of 2005. happy new years eve.


PS. im turning 15 in 20 days :]

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