RiCkY (penguin_man25) wrote,

i just came from outside, its about 10:30 at night right now. i was with my parents, cause i have no social life whatsoever, but it was really cool, cause my mom is now taking an astronomy course and she was pointing out all the stars and stuff, cause the reason im doing this entry, is because outside right now if beautiful, we turned off all the lights in our house, and we sat outside on the deck, and all we saw were stars.

i saw seven shooting stars, and i made a wish for everyone of them.

my mom pointed out jupiter to me and telling me all these facts like when a star is blue, its young, when a star is yellow, its middle-aged and when a star is red, its old. i never knew that astronomy was so cool, because when i learned about it, i sat at a desk in a school room in the middle of the day, but if you really wanna learn, you need to get outside at night, and just look up, its amazing.

and this was the time where i wanted to be with the person i loved the most, just to show her how cool it is and maybe we would see a shooting star or two...


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    hey! france in one week! wooo! :] and! awwww :[

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    this is my first time updating this for about 4 monthes. im actually updating this because im very bored, and its about 5:25 pm on a sunday. so for…

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    im probably not going to update for a while cause im lazy :X im still going to comment though. so.yeah.bye.

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